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Northern Ireland 2010 - Notes

  1. This information is collected via a special manual exercise carried out by A&E staff. It is conducted around a fixed four-week period in order to minimise the data collection burden on staff and to ensure comparability from year to year. It does not therefore include injuries from fireworks outside the survey period and will not include injuries which were not sufficiently serious to warrant attendance at an A&E department or minor injuries unit.
  2. The source of the information is the annual Fireworks Injuries return (FWK1).
  3. All persons reporting to hospital accident and emergency departments and minor injuries units for the first time with an injury caused directly by fireworks are included in the return.
  4. Follow-up attendances at accident and emergency departments and attendances at minor injuries units on referral from accident and emergency departments are not included.
  5. The return for the year 2010 covered a four-week period from Sunday October 17 to Sunday November 14 inclusive. Information for previous years reported in this release covers four/fiveweek periods around Halloween.
  6. Recording of information on place where injury occurred and type of firework involved was not mandatory.
  7. This is the earliest published figure. The first Northern Ireland Fireworks Injuries publication was for the 2000 reporting period and included figures for the reporting periods of 1999 and 2000. The FWK1 return has been collected since 1996 when the number of firework related injuries peaked at 202.

Additional Information

Further information on fireworks injuries in Northern Ireland is available from:

Hospital Information Branch
Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety
Annexe 2
Castle Buildings
Tel. 028 9052 2504

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